August 06, 2011

football love.

This week is a great holiday week full of action, great plans and trips.
On Sunday I was ( alone by train ) in the black forest to visit my grandma for 2 days . on Tuesday was the little child of  lauras "patentante" with us and what can I say , he's pure sugar :)
Yesterday laura was a bit shopping in the city with a friend and I had relaxing day at  home spent with one of my really good friends florian . It was a beautiful afternoon with a bit too much cake, soda water , old photos, memories and laugh until the tears come.In the evening was the hilight of the day. We went  with the family  to the soccer match Germany vs. Brazil in the new Mercedes-Benz Arena here in Stuttgart . An unforgettable evening with many goals (Germany won 3-2 at the end ), thousands of happy people , hot footballer  and great summer weather . Perfectly isn't it ?! 
Have a wonderfull week , too !
{new Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart}

{soooo proud of my card ;)}


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