September 12, 2011

1 schoolday : Done !!!

So the first day of school we have now  behind us. wow. the 6 weeks holidays  have gone by so fast and  now when I'm back in the 90 minutes mathlessons time creeps. My the timetable is ok up to 3 times  school in the afternoon but now my shoulders  hurt a lot of hauling books home. Well now I'll rest only once and then afterwards we met up with some  friends by the " Kirbe"  in a small  festival. party, beer, cotton candy and carousel ride;)

September 06, 2011

Viva Espania .

A thousand times sorry for no post since 2 weeks, but I was in Spain.
10 days with  sun, beach, sea, party every night, hot beach boys and barcelona. what more could you want?  ;) It was beautiful but also really damn tiring. after a 22 hour bus ride we arrived in Malgrat de mar. malgrat is a smaller place between the partycities caella and lloret de mar and just about an hour's drive from Barcelona. We were housed in a beautiful 3 * hotel called 'hotel papi' from which we had to walk only 50 meters to the beach and still had a huge pool. oh It's now two days since I got back home and very poor sleep, sore throat and runny nose (probably from the air conditioning) but 
I love to remember  at the time in malgrat and watch pictures now still enjoying the last holiday week.  
Good night dears !
{vamos a la playa}

{park güell-dali}