November 20, 2011

Autumn Holiday .

As time goes by. the autumn vacation now are two weeks over and in the time since them a lot happened again. school, birthdays, evenings and days with the girls , a shopping trip with the best friends to frankfurt and beeing four days sick ..
The holidays at Sylt were wonderful. We had a sweet little vacationhouse directlyat the beach (just ! minute over a dune !! ).in our houese we had our own bedroom, a dressing room and a private bath for us and our freind kathi . A real paradise ! One week full of a lot of walking on the beach , sitting the whole evening in the sand at beach and laughing too much . beside them all we have recovered all of us very well and got back to stuttgart with a lot of memories and very happy  .

October 26, 2011

Time - Out

Now the school for weeks until the holidays  passed again  very quickly. As time goes by , it happens so much. I often have the feeling my live is to fast for me , often it is all so much. 
Today I read my horoscope :) I know horoscopes do not match, it's just blabla and  imaginative. 
"But it was not begrudge you your life in there one time out. There are turbulent times in professional matters and love and it is not quiet in the next month. collective forces! "and yes I will do just that. Friday is the start of the vacation and there waits a great beach holiday for me. 
Sylt - sun, sand, sea and wind, and the first holiday with the two most lovely girls  in my life.  
I begin to live again!

what's your definition for love ?!

Sometimes there is nothing to be said. Sometimes nothing should be said. I just want to find someone who won’t run away. Someone to look me in the eyes and tell me it’s okay that things don’t always go right. That this is how life works, and how it will always work. That it’s not going to be easy; today, tomorrow, the next day, but it will somehow get better. ♥


September 12, 2011

1 schoolday : Done !!!

So the first day of school we have now  behind us. wow. the 6 weeks holidays  have gone by so fast and  now when I'm back in the 90 minutes mathlessons time creeps. My the timetable is ok up to 3 times  school in the afternoon but now my shoulders  hurt a lot of hauling books home. Well now I'll rest only once and then afterwards we met up with some  friends by the " Kirbe"  in a small  festival. party, beer, cotton candy and carousel ride;)

September 06, 2011

Viva Espania .

A thousand times sorry for no post since 2 weeks, but I was in Spain.
10 days with  sun, beach, sea, party every night, hot beach boys and barcelona. what more could you want?  ;) It was beautiful but also really damn tiring. after a 22 hour bus ride we arrived in Malgrat de mar. malgrat is a smaller place between the partycities caella and lloret de mar and just about an hour's drive from Barcelona. We were housed in a beautiful 3 * hotel called 'hotel papi' from which we had to walk only 50 meters to the beach and still had a huge pool. oh It's now two days since I got back home and very poor sleep, sore throat and runny nose (probably from the air conditioning) but 
I love to remember  at the time in malgrat and watch pictures now still enjoying the last holiday week.  
Good night dears !
{vamos a la playa}

{park güell-dali}


August 25, 2011

You make me smile .

You´re better then the best ♥
I´m lucky just to linger in your life
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me
Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun :)

August 24, 2011

summer in the city .

Hello my loves ! Even it's the 3 day when I'm alone with my dadyat home, but it is also very nice . The last few days were really the sunniest and hottest we had  this year and I'm happy about it (so I can get used to the temperatures that are probably in Spain even more harder when  I'm going there on friday for 10 days ). Yesterday I was first  with my best friend in the city spending the day in the shadow with milkshakes during a lot of talk and laugh.. then at 17.30 o'clock I met two other friends and we told us  about our vacation and enjoyed the evening sun. then went with one of them toy bad cannstatt at mercedes benz museum to the open-air cinema. It was a beautiful summer evening and we both enjoyed it very well although  the chairs were hard and we must wait at 0.30 O'clock at the trainstation in Canstatter because we missed the last train to drove back so my dad must come to bring us home . 
So that's  life ! So now I start packing for Spain. anticipation!

August 23, 2011

under the stars.

Oh it's not even clock 7 and I'm awake. respect although there are holiday:)
But aslong it's so
incredibly hot until the day and it's at 11o'clock  cooler outside than inside I decided to get up early today. and yes! It's worth it. the cool air, the blue sky, the rising sun and the silent..I love those summermornings ,  just like summer evenings. actually it was the most hot day yesterday I spent most of the time with a girlfriend on a blanket spent in the shadow and in the evening when it was dark I went out  with my laptop in a deck chair and lay there until very under the stars ... 
First today I will paint my nails  and then meet me with one of my best buddys Konstantin (which I know now by 9 years !! ) in the city for some coffee . After that  I go to the open air cinema of mercedes benz here in stuttgart  with a friend in "The king's speech". The cards I won  about 1 week ago during the football match Germany-Brazil , and I'm so happy and excited  because I actually never win someting . I hope you have also a nice day , lovelies ! 

{Konstantin and me at our Birthdayparty last March}
{meeting up for coffe and talk for hours . love it ! }

{aww ! so excited }

August 21, 2011

Alone . Alone

So now I'm all alone with my dad  for 5 days . My  mum and  laura are (as Laura has said in the last post),  flew to London last night. well it really funny because of the fact that we are twins, I always determine that  I'm not very good in occupy myself when she's gone and that i start very fast  to miss her. But the weather is here in stuttgart is now also like summer and I've had many great things planned for this week. Today one of my best friends has her birthday and I'll go after her with a birthday cake and gifts to surprise her .and I'm really looking forward to Tuesday evening when i go to an open-air cinema (but more accurate with who I'm go  and where I got the card will follow in tomorrow's post)
I can only say I'm soo excited and full of anticipation :)
So here are pics of my weekend and of my new bikini from Accessorize ..
Have a nice day , lovelies !

{collage of pictures for my favourite birthdaygirl <3}

London here we come.

In 24 Ours we are in london :) I´m soo exited to see the city,the people and i hope the wheather is much better as it was while helen where there. Today i must pack and say goodbye to my friends ,perhabs i visit a very good freind because she chelebrate her birthday tonight but i don´t know it sure because i must get up in the morning at 4 o´clock and then my mum and i  are flying with german wings :) to london...i hope it will be an unvorgettable week with the best mummy in the world <3


August 19, 2011

lake constance . again .

For this holiday, we decided  to buy a studentvacationticket . that's a ticket that allows us to use the whole school holidays all trams, underground railways, buses, ships at the Lake Constance inside Baden-Wuerttemberg . and all for only 29 ! Today, exactly on  day's the half time of our vacations is already up but  we can still say the ticket was very usefull and a good investment. We were already at the Lake Constance, at Karlsruhe, and in the balck forest. the first time at the lake constance could you see it already in  this post .. 
This time we went with florian  and marcel , two of our very good friendsbecause we could  take them for free on our cards on that day  because it was "partner-day". A beautiful day full of sun, taking the ferry , going for a walk on shore, motorboat ride, many pictures,  legendary long train journeys .. yes just see it by yourself :)
Have a wonderful day , lovelies !
{trainstation in the morning . sooo calm and beautiful}
{chiefs of the boat}

{because we are just better together}

August 18, 2011

Sweet Home

Today we decidet to stay at home. Its just so much fun hanging around, cuddeling our cat, surfing on other blogs, watching tv and just relax. In the morning we make  presents for two of our favourite girls which have their birthday the next week, and after a summer lunch with our parents in the garden we skyped with Dany in shanghai ..shes so far away .very sad, but pless good we have skype :) It's warm here in stuttgart  and the weather ist very nice...yeah the first summer day since 2 months ?!
So now we finsih the comfortable day by watching one of our favorite soaps GZSZ . Yes , we know soaps are very girly and kitschy , but we still love it to delve sometimes  into such a world-kitsch ..

August 17, 2011

Animal Instinct .

For this holiday we had made ​​one especially plan - to enjoy every single day. And I think so far we have managed this quite well. yesterday we were once again strolling on in town, sitting in the sun, eating resh fruitsalad and talk. We met with two of our besties with wich one you can always have fun and talk for too hours .we had definitely a lot to tell after one of them was two weeks in turkey . there are also outfitpictures for you ( sorry for the bad quality but ist only my blackberrycamera ).. I wore the blouse I foud in the winter sale at H & M  in  spring and absolutely wanted to have but I've never worn it before yesterday because it was always to daring for me. But yesterday I've  wore it and what can I say, I love that pattern, the cut, everything! and I swear I determined now to wear the blousse more often  ...  
so one wonderfull  day in our vacations is already over and we spent the evening in the evening sun with a glass of water with ice cubes  and a panini ... let's see what the day today is keeping in store for us!

{totally love stuttgart}

{evening sun - with my camera not the blackberry . you see it right ?! ;)}

{hrrr.I'm wild ;)}

August 16, 2011

Let's get trachy .

yesterday was again a very nice day of our summerholidays. puuh already 1 / 3 of holiday time is up but  there are still 4 weeks  so full of action, fun, tours, london, spain, sun, sea and shopping. Yesterday morning we went in the city with to meet  two of our best friends . konstantin and fabian , much lovely  guys. We were  in a "Trachtenhaus" to fit on some dirndl and lederhosen then we went to a nice coffee to have a yummy milkshake. Just wonderful day !

{loove to live in stuttgart}


August 14, 2011

Freaky day :)

A few days ago ..we went to tha Placebo and 30 seconds to mars  concert on the " schlossplace" in stuttgart. It was very full but Jered Leto rocked  2 hours and  all the people freaked out when placebo came .. After the concert we went to Hotalo a nice little restaurant with chinese food. At 10 o´ clock we went to the schillerplace and met sascha . We all went to mc donald and had a lot of fun...last we take some funny pictures at photofix and the station..we laughted a lot and at 2 o´clock we fall happy in our beds and sleept like babys :)