June 30, 2011

ok .

It's easy to hurt someone and then say sorry ,
but it's really very difficult to get hurt and say "I'm Fine" ..

do you know this feeling?  is it not something that ever happened to you
sometimes I wonder what some people have a heart. one made ​​of stone?

June 29, 2011

lights& roses in stuttgart

juhuu ! in 10 days is here in Stuttgart  on Killesberg the festival of lights  . Killesberg is one of the beautiful green area of stuttgart. a park with outdoor pool , beautiful view, animals to stroke , a lookout tower, a small fun fair and a great green area called the "Valley of the roses" . The festival of lights  had a long tradition here in stuttgart and is always in July on a nice, warm evening . for 8 you get lampinons, the whole is Killesberg lights and decorated with lamps, there is live music and yummy food . at the end of the evening when it's 12 o' clock, there is one of the largest fireworks in germany. Next week, two friends coming from nürnberg (which we have already presented to you) and then we are with them and our good friends enjoy this night. Anticipation!

{childhood memories - a carousel}
{a little bit magical isn't it ?!}

June 28, 2011

hot & lace .

OMG ! it's so hot . let's go into the icebox !
{lace is my favorit fashionthing  this summer. I love it and I wear it more often than usual}

June 27, 2011

Versace for H&M .

Days ago H&M proudly announced  that  Versace ,one of the most iconic fashion labels in the world, will be  the partner for the next guest designer collaboration. Designed by Donatella Versace, the exclusive collection is a mix with lots of leather, printing materials and  exclusive to the  H & M fantastic prices. The collection includes fashions for men and women as well as selected home textiles. It is available from the 17th November in around 300 stores and online. Additionally, Donatella Versace has a Pre-Spring Collection for H & M designed, the fashion is in countries where H & M Online Store available exclusively from January 19 to have . I'm already totally excited because i  love Italian fashion. So in the calendar schedule red mark! xoxo

OOTD - Life goes on .

So today  the whole stress starts again. study, study, study.  After 2 weeks vacation  the first day of school was today  and what can I say the whole holiday weather was rainy and grey  and so its very  hardly  sitting back in the classroom and writes a klasserarbeit of 11. 13 clock and  it's  now 30 degrees and you feel ready, flat and tired.Actually  I love sun and summer but it's just always hottest when I'm most in the classroom to study and head burns.But  the life goes on and in 21 days by the time I'm in london. fashion metropolis here I come!
{high bun}

{Buffalo heels}

{jeans- zara and shirt -new yorker}

{george,gina&lucy tasche miss perfekt}

June 26, 2011

Forever .

If there ever comes a day when
we can't be together, keep me in your
heart, I'll stay there forever .

-Winnie the poo-


June 25, 2011

Thanks a lot .

Many many thanks! wow we have our blog just less than 5 days and there are already 25 reader! wow! We are excited about new reader comments, tracker and lovely comments . we look at every blogger profil and read every comment . so sweet from you ! Of course you can ask us questions , we will also answer them in a separate post.( if there are a little bit more )

OOTD - it's all about heels .

An outfit post again. That you get a bit of insight into our fashion style . last week we were shopping and in a beautiful shoe store. We have already mentioned that we love shoes - like almost every woman . High heels are a wonderful thing and of course where you not run past . However, we have chosen two pairs of  black pumps with a little plateau (10 cm and 13 cm heel )  Black pumps are a must-have to everything! Also you can see again lace. Have already mentioned that we love lace
Woderful Weekend , lovelies !
{13 cm heels - a height that is still portable and convenient}
{moschinobelt- by moschino / ggl miss perfekt - gg&L}

OOTD - lace vest .

Today we want to show you a few outfits of us. As first this his outfit is with my currently absolute favorite vest . I'm so happy about the seasoal trend with all lace and chrochet. Although many people would say its too much girlish or too old-fashioned but I find absolutely beautiful and romanticand love to wear it . 
{lace vest - H&M  /  white basic T-shirt - Zara} 

blog presentation .

So now back a little inspiration by a blog presentation. This time the blog is from the 17-year.-old vicky from vienna.Her blog is a blend of post from her own outfits, inspiration, cosmetics and jewelery with many very beautiful pictures . And we envy her  of course that she comes and live in such a great fashion city like Vienna :)
Just visit her ! xoxo

June 24, 2011

Paris , mon amour .

Although these pictures are already  a year old but still we share them with you because this time there was just beautiful. I think paris is a realized girldream . The streets, the people , the food , the smell, the bouldings, the shoe shops. simply incredible! We've fallen in love with this city , not only in this city but in the whole feeling that this gorgeous city give .

new baby .

So finally  I've decided to buy  a new SLR. It was a long decision. Actually I'm saving money  for a long time but I am always very hesitant when I have to spend so much money and I always thought the old is  still fine. But because I'm going to london in 3 weeks I've now decided to buy one. I have long dreamed of a canon, and so it is now a canon eos 500d.  have you already experience with this camera? Or what do you think about my choice ?
{eos 500d with a ef-s 18-55 mm is kit }

Because i don't only love their clothes .

Again, a trend from the usa. Probably  most of you know these brand  altough the only one, namely "hollister" has shops in Germany and only in very few large cities ( Hamburg, Frankfurt.. ).  
Actually  I find it silly to buy brands, but I'm falling  a little bit for  these brands  from america. Especially I love her sweatshirts and hoodys . Unfortunately, there are no  "abercrombie" stores in Germany but there are already planned stores. Here is a small selection of clothes from these brands .. and you can see why I don't only  love their fashion ...
{me in hollister}
{their jeansshorts fit so well}
{lovely bow}
{do you know what i mean ?}

June 23, 2011

Simply the best

Today we will also introduce you two very special persons.
We know them now since nearly 2 years and we althought  had a long distance between us.
connect much with them, have stealing peaches together, swim in the pool at night ,drinking some radler..A special relationship between Stuttgart and Nürnberg, schwaben and bavaria, FCN and VFB, maultaschen and sausages: They are just unique ! we miss them every single day and send them bis hugs and kisses !

blog presentation .

So today we want  to present you even  another blog. She  is one of our first reader and the blog is a really nice mix of fashion and cosmetics .She is a lovely 16-year-old girl, blogging since may 2011 and her blog is a very nice inspiration for outfits, jewelery and cosmetics. Just visit !

June 22, 2011

Cupcakes .

A wonderful new trend from  America is certainly the cupcakehype. This small, colorful and decorated muffins look out not only cute but also taste good.
Also cupcakeshops are definitely the cutest cafes ever. They are usually girly decorated in pink and glittery. The only disadvantage is that cupcakes are usually very expensive ...But try it.

Soooo Yummi !

{cute . isn't it}

June 21, 2011

feeling inspired .

frozen yogurt . steve madden . heels . lace . pink shorts . A&F . hollister . fresh fruits . parfume . boho chick . feathers . white . light pink . paris . citys .

Prom Night .

After half a year dancing course in standard dance , evenings with lots of fun, dancing and pimples at the feet came the special evening . The prom night . It was an evening full of makeup, hair set, heart beat because of the excitement and worse about the painful feet .But after all the dancing for audience and family and made ​​all the pictures the evening was  still very relaxed and funny and now I can say that    I can dance the basic daces  in standart.Especially important for a wedding later ;) and on that night was even the evening of my 15 birthday but rather the next thing was ..
{The sweet girls gave me this big cupcake for my bithday}
{Looove the girls}