July 31, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun

The best days ever are girlsdays.  Lying in bed, talking, listening to music,hugging,watching  movies, crying,laughting. These are the things that makes life liveable in heavy times and I would  never exchange my girls  for anything in the world 
(not even against a hot underwear model..aww abercrombie ;))

{Because they are better together}

{Wasen'11 with the girls}

{to me she's more than a sister}

{old times-but good times}

{she#s my little supergirl and my soulmate}

July 30, 2011


Dreams are often better we the real world. but we must learn to appreciate life even with all the ups and downs, with all the disappointments and injuries. And just because someone has  hurt you its not fair hurting others as well. We must learn to respect each other and find in each one someting special <3


                                             Sometimes we just want to feel anything .

July 28, 2011

Russisch Roulette

Party time. Tonight it was again time to party,freak out and forget everything. It was  the best  Party ever. we drunk  delicious things, smoked shisha, listened to the music and  had a lot of fun . It was a beautiful evening and a special night. I love these guys they are amazing !



July 27, 2011

Yes. it's done. Another year closer to graduation. Anyway it's also strange that there are just  three years in school  ... but first  the pleasure of vacation, no sleep, school and very large holidays matter . This morning I had to get up very early because the smv of our school organizes every year for the whole school a closing event and I need to help. this year  the motto was Oscar ceremony and we had to dress  us smart (suit and ball dresses). And after  two hours of stress I hold my certificate of this year in my hand. a very good certificate :) Tonight, we go to friends for a garden party and I would say we deserve it .. Partyyyy !
Wish you all wonderful holidays <3

July 24, 2011

SWR3 -Sea Party

Yesterday our freind dany  arrived from mexiko. we wanted it a memorable first day for her so we have decided to go on the swr 3 sea party  in stuttgart at the max-eith see.But it was so full that many of our friends  dont came in again but it was still a mega party. Madcoon and Aloe blacc rocked  and it was  an amazing feeling -soo many peoples ,music the warm summer weather, and party all night long  ... indescribable!

London I love you !

Sorry for a whole week without posts. As you know , I was in London last week. And now ..  a flood of pictures. It was a wonderful week although quite rainy and cold but London is simply indescribable.
To the individual days it  follows 
detailed posts the next days ..
sleep well.




{Buckingham palace}

{He's my own little"Jim Knopf"}

{Babes <3}

July 14, 2011

London is calling .

Friday's early morning it finally happened. Our bus leaves at 4 clock in stuttgart to callait in france where we  take the ferry to London. I already packed my suitcase and previously prepared everything that I do not come tomorrow in stress. My lovely sister  helped me. Sometimes I  don't know really what I would do without her ..to me she's an angel :) But bevore we leave tomorrow is aagin a really bad day so the anticipation to 1 week world metropolis probably only come when i'm in the bus . I have school tomorrow until 4 pm and  has to say goodbye to a very important person in my life  ... but tomorrow we will also get our new SLR . so ecxited ! xoxo

July 10, 2011

Stuttgart sparkles .

It is the day after the festival of lights here in Stuttgart. I'm a bit tired and my feet hurt but I'm also very, very happy. It was a wonderful evening that actually not started well because of waiting to long and far too many people ...but in the end when we got a great place for watch teh firework it was a really nice evening and  night  ;) We have been to the festival of lights so many times but this year's fireworks was the best . It was bombastic and lined with beautiful music. There are certainly moments of goose bumps that you will not soon forget. 
PS : scroll to the beginning of the video. the song Run(Leona Lewis ) was romatic pure ! Loooved it !


July 09, 2011

drinks .

on such a hot day like today is the most important thing to drink. actually  I prefered drinking soda water or still water and the in morning tea or coffee , but on days like today cooled ice tea, fruit juices with ice cubes, milk shakes and iced coffee are just  perfect. I especially love arizona iced tea in the beautiful bottle and each time I not only take photos , i also collect them . another favoutite  and also a real vitamin bomb  are smothies.Since i was in barcelona two years ago and have tested  the most wonderful smothies in the market ahll I love them too. So don't  forget to drink much and  enjoy  the beautiful summer weather !

{Aperol Spritz}

{soo yummy with mint}

{arizoooooonaaaaa looove it !}

{typical in swizerland}

{smothies in a market ahll in barcelona}

July 07, 2011

My new Baby

Yesterday the lovely hermes man brought me this wonderful george,gina &lucy handbag.
Modell: Miss perfekt in the  colour  pink . i love pink and i love my new bag ! Its my new baby now
and  tomorrow  i went  shopping with  my sister in order to run it the first time ( my sister has the bag in black - very classy ). It will be fun!

Looooondon !

Today, I want you to  present  my home for a week from 15-22 july. I am going to london with my class for a week ! wow! I can not believe it. the whole school stress is still not even over (but tomorrow . yeeah ;)) and in a week we starts already. We are start very early at 4 o'clock in the morning  and then by bus and ferry to london. I live with two of my besties in a homestay family  near the subway station Herne Hill for  1 full week filled with great  program, time for shopping and enjoying life . i like! 
fashion metropolis here I come! I'm sooo excited !

July 05, 2011

A fly to Teneriffa .

Actually we do as  family nearly every school holidays vacations. Often not far away but the main thing is that we all get distance to our everdaylive. But last year in the summer our parents decided to allow the Spring holiday and turn it into the summer holiday continues to fly away. Tenerife 2 weeks! Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, located in front of Africa but is still part of Spain. I must say, this island has breathtaking nature. It's all there ! beaches (usually with black sand because of  the volcanic lava), palms, mountains, volcanoes, misty areas, banana plantations ... It was very hot but beautiful and  the nature  remains in remembrance to be something very special. 

{all fruits out of the garden-beside the apples }

{very famous : Masca}

{breathtaking view}

{we musst to say goodbye}

July 04, 2011

It's all about hairs .

If I'm honest I find that most beautiful at  people their hair. Although I don't  like my own hair at all because there are simply too many and too curly but I also think that nobody is satisfied with his hair structure no matter how perfect they are . Well I don't use many styling products because I think it makes  the hair grealy. I take shampoo, lotion  and wash  my hair with cold water for beautiful shine. as shiny finish  i use also "schmusekatze"lotion or sometimes a bit of hair oil. after i wash my hair i always  dry my hair  in the air and no blow dry because the heat damages the hair, and I prefer my hair  time to time smoothing. Now for stling. I usually wear my hair as bun or ponytail at the school because I find the open hair  impractical. How do you like to wear your hair ? which is the best hairstyle?
{open hair meets hollister seagull}

{a turban to dry after washing}
{expensive but sooo good }
{open hairs }
{favorite lotion : " schmusekatzte" got2be}
{wearing a high bun for the prom night}