October 26, 2011

Time - Out

Now the school for weeks until the holidays  passed again  very quickly. As time goes by , it happens so much. I often have the feeling my live is to fast for me , often it is all so much. 
Today I read my horoscope :) I know horoscopes do not match, it's just blabla and  imaginative. 
"But it was not begrudge you your life in there one time out. There are turbulent times in professional matters and love and it is not quiet in the next month. collective forces! "and yes I will do just that. Friday is the start of the vacation and there waits a great beach holiday for me. 
Sylt - sun, sand, sea and wind, and the first holiday with the two most lovely girls  in my life.  
I begin to live again!

what's your definition for love ?!

Sometimes there is nothing to be said. Sometimes nothing should be said. I just want to find someone who won’t run away. Someone to look me in the eyes and tell me it’s okay that things don’t always go right. That this is how life works, and how it will always work. That it’s not going to be easy; today, tomorrow, the next day, but it will somehow get better. ♥