July 14, 2011

London is calling .

Friday's early morning it finally happened. Our bus leaves at 4 clock in stuttgart to callait in france where we  take the ferry to London. I already packed my suitcase and previously prepared everything that I do not come tomorrow in stress. My lovely sister  helped me. Sometimes I  don't know really what I would do without her ..to me she's an angel :) But bevore we leave tomorrow is aagin a really bad day so the anticipation to 1 week world metropolis probably only come when i'm in the bus . I have school tomorrow until 4 pm and  has to say goodbye to a very important person in my life  ... but tomorrow we will also get our new SLR . so ecxited ! xoxo


  1. You´re so lucky. Wish you lotsa fun <3 xx


  2. London is a lovely and stunning city! Lived there for about 6 months during my exchange semester.
    Enjoy!! Its lots of fun!!
    I envy you a little =)

  3. cute blog and a wonderful header *-*

  4. Dankeschön! Euer Blog ist wundervoll!