June 24, 2011

Because i don't only love their clothes .

Again, a trend from the usa. Probably  most of you know these brand  altough the only one, namely "hollister" has shops in Germany and only in very few large cities ( Hamburg, Frankfurt.. ).  
Actually  I find it silly to buy brands, but I'm falling  a little bit for  these brands  from america. Especially I love her sweatshirts and hoodys . Unfortunately, there are no  "abercrombie" stores in Germany but there are already planned stores. Here is a small selection of clothes from these brands .. and you can see why I don't only  love their fashion ...
{me in hollister}
{their jeansshorts fit so well}
{lovely bow}
{do you know what i mean ?}

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  1. Ich liebe das Schleifentop! :)

    Und vielen Dank :)