August 24, 2011

summer in the city .

Hello my loves ! Even it's the 3 day when I'm alone with my dadyat home, but it is also very nice . The last few days were really the sunniest and hottest we had  this year and I'm happy about it (so I can get used to the temperatures that are probably in Spain even more harder when  I'm going there on friday for 10 days ). Yesterday I was first  with my best friend in the city spending the day in the shadow with milkshakes during a lot of talk and laugh.. then at 17.30 o'clock I met two other friends and we told us  about our vacation and enjoyed the evening sun. then went with one of them toy bad cannstatt at mercedes benz museum to the open-air cinema. It was a beautiful summer evening and we both enjoyed it very well although  the chairs were hard and we must wait at 0.30 O'clock at the trainstation in Canstatter because we missed the last train to drove back so my dad must come to bring us home . 
So that's  life ! So now I start packing for Spain. anticipation!

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  1. Vielen lieben Dank:):) Ich mag euren Blog auch sehr & ich würde auch so gerne so gut Englsich können und so tolle Texte schreiebn können :o:D
    Liebe grüße