August 16, 2011

Let's get trachy .

yesterday was again a very nice day of our summerholidays. puuh already 1 / 3 of holiday time is up but  there are still 4 weeks  so full of action, fun, tours, london, spain, sun, sea and shopping. Yesterday morning we went in the city with to meet  two of our best friends . konstantin and fabian , much lovely  guys. We were  in a "Trachtenhaus" to fit on some dirndl and lederhosen then we went to a nice coffee to have a yummy milkshake. Just wonderful day !

{loove to live in stuttgart}



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  2. ihr wohnt in stuttgart & geht nach london / spanien diese ferien? lustig. ich auch :D

    liebste grüße <:

  3. dein Header ist so verdammt schön :*